Whole Home Remodeling Services

  • Flooring
  • Paint and Texture
  • Relocation of rooms
  • Electrical updates and fixtures

A whole-home makeover may be preferable than moving

We spend so much of our time at home, especially when we want to rest and unwind. Your house may not be as relaxing as you’d want for a variety of reasons:

  • Awkward or clunky floor plan
  • Small bedrooms and an inadequate kitchen layout
  • Outdated and unappealing restrooms
  • There is no master bathroom
  • Narrow closets, low ceilings, and gloomy rooms
  • There is no place to work from home
  • No room for the kids to play
  • Not enough garage space.

You could sell your house and relocate, but what if you enjoy your area or don’t want to be too far away from family, job, or your favorite outdoor spots? A whole-house makeover may provide many of the benefits of a bespoke home without requiring you to leave your current location!

Why Use Argyle Construction Pros

Our design-build method is suitable for whole home remodeling.

Argyle Construction Pros use a design-build method that unites the planning, budgeting, design, and construction of your whole home makeover under the supervision of a single in-house team.

First, we’ll discuss your concerns about your house and your ideas for its change. We’ll start designing your renovation project with your budget in mind, taking into account your complete property, inside and out. We frequently have ideas for your area that you would not think of on your own because of our design and construction knowledge.

We propose that you maximize the use of your existing space by upgrading the interior of your house before building on to it; this will stretch your budget and offer you the most bang for your remodeling buck. However, Argyle Construction Pros can also create an addition or a popup second or third floor.

We can speed the building of your makeover thanks to the design-build process.

Because a whole-home makeover impacts your entire house (obviously), we strive to make the process as swift and easy as feasible. One of our home renovation clients felt secure enough to leave the nation for six weeks on an extended vacation during the majority of their whole-house makeover, but not everyone can. To minimize interruption to your everyday life, we will frequently arrange a whole-house renovation job.

One customer, for example, desired a second-story master suite addition as well as a total redesign of the first-floor main living room. We started with the second-story addition, and the customer and her daughter were allowed to live there while the rest of the work was done.

We’ve completed several stunning whole-house renovation projects on schedule and under budget—your home could be next!

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